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Just right in time for students to return to school, Microsoft is bringing the education edition of its blocky video game Minecraft to Chromebooks. Available on Monday, Minecraft: Education Edition for Chromebook has the same features that are available in the Windows, iPad and Mac versions of the game, and includes multiplayer across platforms, the company said. The education-focused version of the game is meant to help educators teach everything from science, technologyengineering, and math (STEM) to language, history and art. The program has been licensed by thousands of teachers in more than 115 countries, according to Microsoft. Microsoft announced that the game is now available on Chromebooks and that the latest update comes with new STEM lessons as well as an "special Minecraft world" created with the American Beekeeping Federation's Kids and Bees Program. Minecraft Education Edition for Chromebook requires the use of a Microsoft account to log in The game is licensed by schools via Microsoft 365 for Education -however, the company has said it's working to let users log in with an account on Google account as well. These are the top five most affordable Chromebooks for distance learning or back-to school. My son's Minecraft obsession is lulling me to tears. Rokan Themes Rokan Themes